Recruiting Station

Image of the Recruiting Station. Free Daily Novice Recruit

As a Squad leader who is building up his sqaud, the Recruiting Station is the best place to go to find new recruits. [[{{{???}}}]] will take the player there the first time towards the end of the tutorial, and the player can get there from a few places in game by using the Recruit Button.


Main article: Marcus

Marcus will use your cells to get you a fresh new recruit for your growing squad.

Obtaining Squadmates

Novice Recruit

Main article: Novice Recruit

Once a day all players can claim a free Novice Recruit. In addition, Fission Cells can be used to purchase additional Novice Recruits from Marcus. Novice Recruits are usually Common Squadmates.

Veteran Recruit

Main article: Veteran Recruit

Marcus will accept Radiant Cells and in return will fetch you a Recruit. Veteran Recruits have a slightly higher rate of yeilding Uncommon or Rare Squadmates. There is also a very small chance for Epic Squadmates.

Elite Recruit

Main article: Elite Recruit

300 Mobacoins or 1 Omega Cell can be spent to purchase a Elite Recruit.

{{{??}}} Recruit

100 Mobacoins can be spent to purchase a {{{??}}} Recruit, which can only be bought once and has a 100% chance to give a Rare or better Squadmate.

Slayers of the Dome

Main article: Slayers of the Dome

Available during Raid Boss Events. 1 Blood Cell returns one Slayers of the Dome Recruit.

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