Player versus Player

Player versus Player was added to the game October 29, 2012. During the course of adventuring, players have a chance when landing on empty tiles of entering a player versus player battle.

The Battle

Player vs. Player in Fatal Frontier is a match between the player and one of three equally matched opponents. The player has 10 minutes to win 3 consecutive battles and "bank" a bonus reward. If the player loses a battle, the match ends, the player's streak count is reset to 0 and the player is returned to the zone. If the player does not win 3 matches in 10 minutes, but does not lose a battle, then the player's streak returns what it was before the PVP battle began.

Streaks & Rewards

Players strive to increase their win streak by scoring consecutive victories. Every 3 Victories in a row, the player is issued rewards and returned to the zone. After 30 consecutive victories (10 matches), the player receives their final reward, their streak count is reset to 0, and the player is returned to the zone.

Wins Ammo Micro Fusion Macro Fusion Radiant Cell
3 1 1 0 2
6 1 1 0 2
9 1 1 0 2
12 2 2 0 2
15 2 2 0 2
18 2 0 1 3
21 2 0 1 3
24 2 0 2 3
27 2 0 2 3
30 2 0 2 3

Daily Ranking & Rewards

Each day, players compete for the most total player versus player victories. At the end of the day, rewards are issued based on the player's ranking in the competition.

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