Lethal Mercenaries are the best of the best- but even among these elite options for your squad there are better and worse choices. The best Lethals are unrivaled in the game, the worst could actually be hindrance to you, and you would be better off with a strong Epic in its place.

Because of the speculative nature of this page, you may agree or disagree with the placement of Mercs. Please post your thoughts in the discussion at the bottom of the page! A final note- while mercs are ranking within their group, this ranking is an estimation. Actual rank will be based on your team, situation, and the weather outside. The groups themselves are the main divisions that should be acknowledged.

Tier List


  1. Blazing Howitzer v2
  2. Mac Ragged v2
  3. Double Gun Commando v2
  4. Hellcat
  5. Kinetic Prophet v2
  6. Nocturnal Telepath v2
  7. Torpid Controller v2
  8. Tendril Mindflayer v2
  9. Swift Nox v2
  10. Biofuel Bengal v2


  1. Jackson Omega
  2. Mista-Fista v2
  3. Helio Assassin v2
  4. Katie Kong v2
  5. Totemic Warrior v2
  6. Bionic Bull Thor v2
  7. Mecha Shinobi v2
  8. Titanfist v2
  9. Odin
  10. Bionic Birdkeeper v2
  11. Tideslayer v2
  12. Daddy LongGuns v2
  13. Artemis Rider v2
  14. Kill Clause
  15. Marcus the Merc v2
  16. Boom Boxer v2]
  17. Shinobi Hellion v2


  1. Hanzo-596 v2
  2. Vibriss v2
  3. Technomancer
  4. Kenna Attack Kai
  5. Slice & Blast v2
  6. Serpent Shade v2
  7. Chained Spirit v2
  8. Lady Drillshot v2
  9. Aunty Grace v2
  10. Wildchild
  11. Frailpool v2
  12. Synergist Revenant v2
  13. Deadeye Doug v2
  14. Hardshell Automaton v2
  15. Shimma Kunoichi


If you think a lethal has been misplaced, state your case in the comments section below or on the forum!

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