Nearly all of the data we are collecting for this site can be found in a JSON file on the mobile device. For Android devices, look for

There are other JSON files that may be of interest to look at. But it is advised to have an understanding of XML or JSON or the data won't make sense.

As a reference, there is a related file "bb_game_data_version.json" that I will be referencing with updates.


Fatal Frontier Data Spreadsheet

Version History

Version 87 - December 21, 2012

All units named "C.R.A.P." were changed to "Crdnl"
AA-ND3 Added
Young Paindeer added
Mutant Paindeer added
Kill Clause added
Adult Paindeer added
Red-Nosed Paindeer added
Assault Surge added
PvP Titles
PvP Titles Changed

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