Infinity Gates

  • Start: November 18, 2012 10:00 PM CST
  • End: November 26, 2012 10:00 PM CST
  • Type: Tower Event

A mysterious structure had laid deep within the Southern Badlands for a millenia. These are the Infinity Gates.
Enter the Portal that best matches your level, and fight your way to untold treasures!

About the Event

Players spend 7 days expending energy turns ascending various towers. Three towers are available with increasing difficulty. The Beginner and Advanced towers have 5 floors with a boss capable of being captured available on the 5th floor.

The third tower is the Expert Tower and consists of 10 Floors. The Boss of the Tower, The Eternal One, is available at a 5% capture rate starting on the 5th floor. The capture rate increases 1% per floor up to 10% for the 10th Floor.

Each successful navigation through the 10th Floor of the Expert tower increases that floor's difficulty and point output.

Players should make strategic use of Leveling (to refill energy), Power Shots, First Aid Kits, E.R.K.s, J.E.R.Ks, Mind Erasers, and Brain Eaters.


  • Beginner Tower Boss:
  • Advanced Tower Boss:
  • Expert Tower Boss: The Eternal One

Event Prizes

As players ascend the towers, and defeat the army within, points will be issued. The players with the most points receive prizes as listed below.

' ' ' ' Crystals ' ' ' '
RankBullet BettyOmega CellRadiant CellHPATKDEFWISAGI

Point Reward

As players compete for the top spot in the Event Point Rankings by the end of the week, they will accumulate rewards for hitting certain milestones. Below is the list of those prizes.

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