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Special Dungeons 9

Infinity Gates 8 info

Event Type Special Dungeon
Begin Date May 10, 2013
End Date May 17, 2013
Legendary Swift Nox
Tower Bosses Inamor
Events Chronology
Depopulation Dome 4
Infinity Gates 8
PvP Event 7

Event Details

  • Overview
    • A mysterious structure had laid deep within the Southern Badlands for a millenia. These are the Infinity Gates.
    • Enter the Portal that best matches your level, and fight your way to untold treasure!
  • Gatekeeper
    • The enigmatic Gatekeeper has been spotted in the Infinity Gates! Little is known of this being, save that he takes only the bravest and strongest to a remote space station known as the Nexus. The Gatekeeper will no doubt appear soon, so keep an eye out for him!
      • 1. Find and defeat the Gatekeeper in the Infinity Gates to be transported to the Nexus!
      • 2. Battle powerful enemies and collect special Nexus caches containing valuable Event Points!
      • 3. Complete Nexus stages before time runs out to multiply the point value of your Nexus caches. Each completed stage increases your multiplier even further!
      • 4. Be careful, though! Once you've started a Nexus stage, you must complete it or lose your point multiplier, so return to the Infinity Gates between stages if you need to!
  • Useful Tips
    • Starting with the 5th Zone in the Expert Portal you can capture bosses.
    • The bosses will become harder, but your chance to capture them will increase!
    • Use a Brain Eater Bug for 100% guaranteed capture. Capture bosses and evolve them into epic characters!
  • Event Points
    • Event Points are awarded for battling regular enemies and bosses in the event area. You can also earn points by capturing them.
    • Earn Event points to increase your Ranking and win Powerful rewards!
  • Ranking
    • When the event ends, players are ranked by their point totals.
    • High ranking players receive special rewards, so don't get left behind!



  • Swift Nox thumbnailSwift Nox (Lethal)
    • Rank #1-20: x2
    • Rank #21-50: x1
  • Tyypo thumbnailTyypo (Rare)
    • ?? Pts
    • Rank #1-20 x8
    • Rank #21-50 x7
    • Rank #51-100 x6
    • Rank #101-200 x5
    • Rank #201-300 x4
    • Rank #301-500 x3
    • Rank #501-750 x2
    • Rank #751-1200 x1


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