To more efficiently manage the project of developing this site, this page will detail the Project plan. The project plan will be broken down into three sections focused on different areas of the site. Users of the site are encouraged to select a section and focus their efforts on completing the project tasks within those sections.


The development project will be an effort by administrators and Wikia developers to improve on the sites design, form, and functionality. This section is generally recommended for experienced Wikia members. Should you wish to contribute to this effort, please consider the following tasks in the Development Project

Template Development

Templates are what drive the Wiki. Experienced wiki users can generate templates for less experienced members to more easily create pages from. Templates also help to maintain a uniform format and structure throughout the site.


To assist the users of this site in their contributions, specific and detailed documentation is necessary. Below are the documentation tasks for the site.

Site Layout & Design

The sites layout is currently a simple development from the Wikia engine. Advanced developers of both HTML/CSS sites and Wikia should seek to focus their efforts and talents here.


The intelligence section is about collecting information from the game and producing that information on this site in some actionable form. Two key aspects of this section can be completed by new players and experienced alike.

Data Collection

Data collection is the mining of simple data from the game. It includes stats from the Squadmates, heroes, items, locations, etc. and creating pages about these from templates created by the Development team.

  • Heroes
  • Squadmates
  • Locations
  • Items
  • Events
  • Skills
  • Formations


Research is a bit more time consuming than simple data collection. Research entails the collection of data over time to determine behavior. This site will be collecting and producing guides on topics such as Evolution, Enhancement, Leveling, Battle Tactics, etc.


Maintenance will become a critical repeated task as the site grows. The maintenance will include managing articles, media, and members.

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