Nearly all of the data we are collecting for this site can be found in a JSON file on the mobile device. For Android devices, look for

There are other JSON files that may be of interest to look at. But it is advised to have an understanding of XML or JSON or the data won't make sense.

As a reference, there is a related file "bb_game_data_version.json" that I will be referencing with updates.


Fatal Frontier Data Spreadsheet

Version History

Version 20130510 - May 10, 2013
Tyypo v1-4 added
Inamor v1-4 added
Swift Nox v1 and v2 added
Mercurial Beating added
Infinity Gates 8 raid event added
Version 20130430 - April 30, 2013
Chmack v1-4 added
Montizan v1-4 added
Na'Lac Awakened v1-4 added
Aunty Grace v1 and v2 added
Slowing Scream added
Quadra Force added
Final Spark added
Depopulation Dome 3 raid event added

Version 20130416 - April 17, 2013
Jawbreaker v1 and v2 added
Frailpool v1 and v2 added
Marcus the Merc v2 added
Dick & Jane, Lovers v1-4 added
Fire Fight added
Team Tactics added
Quick Draw added
Overcharged Shot added
Assassins Kiss added
Mary's Munitions added
Spray and Pray added
Itchy Trigger added
Triple Shot added
Leaders can now be changed for a nominal fee every 7 days (First change free)
Gifting feature added. Can now send gifts once per day to each ally
Version 20130404 - April 04, 2013
Search by terms on X
New "Attack" button
Search by player names
Quick Items menu
Full energy notification
New Fusion effects/confirmation screen
Version 154 - March 6, 2013
Astro Dupree stats adjusted
Astro Dupree v2 stats adjusted
Uber Astro stats adjusted
Uber Astro v2 stats adjusted
Version 144 - March 4, 2013
Lancer, Lancer v2, Power Lancer, and Power Lancer v2 are now tradable
Ironfist added
Ironfist v2 added
Graff, The Ironfist added
Graff, The Ironfist v2 added
Coldfire added
Coldfire v2 added
Burnfrost added
Burnfrost v2 added
Jackson Omega added
Astro Dupree added
Astro Dupree v2 added
Uber Astro added
Uber Astro v2 added
Ceaser added
Ceaser v2 added
Bubbles added
Bubbles v2 added
Mutated Purple Heart renamed to Purple Heart
Adrenaline Rush added
Lights Out added
Cold-blooded added
Insanity added
Shock Knocker added
Binary Blaster added
Infinity Gates Tower Event 6 Added
Version 133 - February 22, 2013
An Old Friend Unlocked in Bitter Decent Region
Wastes of Space Unlocked in Bitter Decent Region
Cardinal Crash Site Unlocked in Bitter Decent Region
Home Sweet Home Unlocked in Bitter Decent Region
Crdnl Chaingunner's stats increased
Crdnl Scout's stats increased
Wench's stats increased
Buccaneer's stats increased
Blaster's stats increased
Big Wench's stats increased
Techno-Viking Added
Techno-Viking v3 Added
Techno Valkyrie Added
Techno-Valkyrie v3 Added
Banshee Shrew Added
Siren Crone Added
Odin Added
Oathbreaker Added
Techno-Viking v2 Added
Techno-Viking v4 Added
Techno-Valkyrie v2 Added
Techno-Valkyrie v4 Added
Banshee Hag Added
Siren Maiden Added
Oathbreaker v2 Added
Ultimate Force Added
Black Heart Added
Life Bringer Added
All In Added
The Maelstrom Raid Event Added
Version 132 - February 21, 2013
Wildchild dual ability issue fixed.
Version 131 - February 20, 2013
Cardinal Eliminator v2 is now Tradable
Bombsuit Junker v2 is now Tradable
Whip Junker Female v2 is now Tradable
Whip Junker Female is now Tradable
Bombsuit Junker is now Tradable
Cardinal Eliminator is now Tradable
Junker War Marshal is now Tradable
Junker War Marshal v2 is now Tradable
Lacerto is now Tradable
Lacerto Beast is now Tradable
Mordeo is now Tradable
Mordeo Mutant is now Tradable
Wildchild is now Tradable
Version 129 - February 16, 2013
Wildchild Added
Lacerto Added
Lacerto Beast Added
Mordeo Added
Mordeo Mutant Added
General Hoss Added
General Hoss v2 Added
Snow SMG'er Added
Snow SMG'er v2 Added
Double Barrel Junker Added
Double Barrel Junker v2 Added
Waste Disposal Unit Added
Waste Disposal Unit v2 Added
Cardinal Eliminator Added
Cardinal Eliminator v2 Added
Bombsuit Junker Added
Bombsuit Junker v2 Added
Whip Junker Female Added
Whip Junker Female v2 Added
Scrapzilla Added
Scrapzilla v2 Added
Junker War Marshal Added
Junker War Marshal v2 Added
Infectious Alpha Rot v2 Corrected Name Spelling
Fug Bug Sucker v2 Stats Adjusted
Fug Bug Jowel Stats Adjusted
Fug Bug Jowel v2 Stats Adjusted
Twin Terror Added
Weapon Prep Added
Counter-Offense Added
Demoralizer Added
Version 100 - January 25, 2013
Alpha Rex base stats increased
Scratch Rot base stast increased
Turret Engineer is now tradable
Turret Engineer v2 is now tradable
Auto-Turret Engineer is now tradable
Auto-Turret Engineer v2 is now tradable
Hellcat is now tradable
Frost Oracle added
Frost Witch added
Chaos Psychic added
Chaos Seer added
Ice Bot added
Frozen Golem added
Dynaflash Reaction added
Assassin's Kill added
Toxic Venom added
Strike from Above added
Glacier Smash added
Frosty Storm added
Psychic Blast added
The Maelstrom Raid Event added
Version 97 - January 17, 2013
5-Wide Formations Released
Bitter Decent Released
The Ice Caves
Snow Birds
Etai Forest
Etai Stronghold
An Old Friend
Wastes of Space
Cardinal Crash Site
Home Sweet Home
Turret Engineer
Auto-Turret Engineer
Frozen Horror
Snow Snake
Etai Warrior
Etai Seer
Snow Scout
Snow Sprite
Shatai, Etai Shaman
Vandin, Etai Lord
Snow Commando
Turret Engineer v2
Auto-Turret Engineer v2
Frozen Horror v2
Snow Snake v2
Etai Warrior v2
Etai Seer v2
Snow Scout v2
Snow Sprite v2
Shatai, Etai Shaman v2
Vandin, Etai Lord v2
Snow Commando v2

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