The Exchange is the place where trading happens.  Players can trade their Squadmates of Rare quality or better in exchange for upto 3 Squadmates, Item, or currency.  Not all items or squadmates are available for trade. Players may place up to 5 characters up for trade per day and each trade lasts up to 48 hours before the characters are returned.

The Exchange was added to Fatal Frontier on December 13, 2012. Currently players are able to perform the following 3 actions:

  • Place Squadmates up for trade
    • Players select a Squadmate they wish to part with
    • Players select up to 3 terms they wish to receiver in trade
      • Conditions can include Squadmates, Items, Credits, and Fusion Cells
  • Search for Squadmates on trade
    • Searching is limited to searching by:
      • Characters players already own
      • Rarity (Rare 1 to Lethal 4)
      • Search by Name
  • View Offer History

The Exchange is very limited in it's search capability. Players are only allowed to put up one character at a time, while asking for up to 3. As players are attempting to UPGRADE, this becomes a difficult task when one is not able to offer multiple weaker characters for a stronger one. Instead, players are offering up a single weak character and asking for the moon.

Furthermore, players can only search for characters on trade and not by characters people are asking. For example, players with a Ultra Mutant may want to see what people have placed on trade that are asking for the Ultra Mutant.

Currently, players compensate for these deficiencies by making trade deals outside of the game such as on forums, Facebook, or websites like the Fatal Frontier Wiki. There is even a market for the sale of some characters for real world currency.

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