Roughly once per week, Mobage will release a new event for Fatal Frontier. Currently, there are three events, each lasting 6 days. 2 Days are usually allotted between events.

Event Cycle

  • Infinity Gates - Tower Event
  • PvP Event
  • Nether Core - Raid Event

Event Update Tasks

Locate event image
Create Banner
Create Event Page Image
Event Pages
Active Banner on Title Page
Create Event Page
Upload Photo for Event Page
Copy previous Event Page
Add details of event
  • Upload banner image
  • enable event banner script on main page


Infinity Gates Event 1
The banner image is comprised of multiple images. To create the banner, screenshot the Event Announcement that has the banner at the top of the screen. It will have circular edge on the right hand site with the X beside it. Open the image in your favorite image editor, I recommend Gimp 2 as it's powerful and free. To create the banner, we simply want to select a Circle Selector tool, select the area outside the banner on the right and remove it. Then crop the remainder of the banner into a new image and save it as a PNG without saving the background color.
Infinity Gates Banner Dec 2012
Infinity Events Photo 2
The second image you can use for the event poster on the Event page. Create an Event page using <EVENT NAME> #. For example: Infinity Gates 3.

Event Pages

A page exists for each event tied to the banner. Infinity Gates, PvP Event, and Nether Core are each reserved for the current event. Once they are completed, create a new page named for the event with the numeral (as in Nether Core - October 2012) in it and copy the code from the event page to the historical one.

Replace the data in the page with the current data such as the Prize Reward Squadmates, Bosses, etc.

In the code of the main page are three commented scripts, one for each of the events. To activate a banner, change the image to the current one and remove the comment tags (< ! - - and - - >). Update Procedures

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