I have spent way more time than usual on Fatal Frontier, and I am beginning to learn things about the game that are intriguing to me.

    One thing that has struck me odd is how to calculate the Attack, Agility, and Wisdom, Modifiers. If a squadmate is dealing Heavy Attack damage, (heavy usually being 200%) then if I raise his attack with an Overgrown Collossus v2-(Pre-Battle, emit an aura that increases ATK for caster and 2 adjacent squadmates, until caster dies.) and the Modifier reads 60% WISDOM, then why are my squadmates dealing more damage than this?

    Is it true that the Modifier does not incorporate the exact statistics, and basically any Attack Raiser, raises the attack of adjacent squadmates by-100%.

    I noticed that with the Squadmate Andr…

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  • LegendSlayer

    Dakota Interavtive has graciously made the JSON available to players again for the purposes of updating the Wiki. You can check out the raw JSON via their new link at http:(//) prod (dot) ff (dot) dakotainteractive (dot) com/gameData or you can view the mercs and skills via my updated FF JSON Parser web page:

    So get crackin at updating the Wiki! 

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  • LegendSlayer

    The current trend of Dakota adding two-skill mercs with only one action has necessitated an overhaul of the wiki Squadmate template. Now each merc should display if it is Single Action or Double action in the infobox. Before, we just knew that all double skill mercs were also double action mercs, but this is no longer the case (for example: Lethals like Boomboxer and Biofuel Bengal are single action). This change should clear up any confusion on the issue.

    In order to support this change, I have updated my FF JSON Parsing Tool ( to include Actions in the wiki template, along with a number of other improvements that should make it smoother to use. All new characters created with this template will correctly have the…

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  • Ravendill

    If you are reading this, it means you're one step closer to viewing the one and only dedicated fan forum...come on over and join the discussion!!!

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  • Tendigitarmy

    I want that badge

    August 28, 2013 by Tendigitarmy

    Gimmie that badge, yo!

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  • LegendSlayer

    So I am officially retiring from Fatal Frontier. I knew this day would come, but didn't think it would come so soon. Dakota's recent glut of underwhelming characters and new crop of network errors have sucked all my interest out of the game. As such, I will no longer by actively managing this wiki, and do hereby hand off the torch to the next generation.

    Bwjoejr is still active, and should keep things up to date for the most part, but new blood to help is always needed. I will keep my FF JSON Parser web page up for as long as possible, so feel free to use it as needed for generating templates.

    I will be more than willing to pass off my wiki know-how to anyone interested in learning. Feel free to contact me any time via email at legend_slayer…

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  • LegendSlayer

    I recently put some time into developing a user-friendly tool to comb through the FF JSON and grab the relevant data for updating the wiki. For user who might not be very Wiki-Savvy, this should be a relatively painless way to help out. I will walk through using the FF JSON Parser and how to add characters/skills to the Wiki below.

    FF JSON Parser
    Location: (NOTE: This is a new location, so if you used it previously, please update your bookmarks)
    How to Use:
    1. Load the JSON data: press the USE LIVE JSON button (Note: this tool also supports using custom json files if you want to parse older/newer ones. Just press USE CUSTOM JSON)
    2. You can narrow down the characters you are looking at via filtering on the Name or Rari…

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  • LegendSlayer

    Many of you may have noticed that the FF wiki is not being kept up to date as well as it should. What many of you may NOT know is that OKRedleg, the founder and main content manager for this Wiki (as well as for BloodBrothers) has stepped away from both games, and is no longer contributing. You can view his parting blog post here We appreciate all his hard work and effort, and wish him well in his future endeavors.

    However, this also means the FF Wiki is currently rudderless. I have taken over in the interim to try and help keep some of the major areas up to date (new Lethals, etc) but we desperately need someone new at the helm to take charge and keep the content evolving. …

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  • OKRedleg

    Template Update List

    January 9, 2013 by OKRedleg

    I've created all 484 Familiar pages in template form. They still need to be updated. This list represents the templates that have been uploaded.

    • Adept
    • Adept v2
    • Sr Adept
    • Sr Adept v2
    • Apostate
    • Apostate v2
    • Sr Apostate
    • Sr Apostate v2
    • Kill Clause
    • Harbinger
    • Adv. Harbinger
    • Mecha-Harbinger
    • Ultra Harbinger
    • Young Paindeer
    • Adult Paindeer
    • Mutant Paindeer
    • Rednosed Paindeer
    • Young Loroc
    • Adult Loroc
    • Cyber Loroc
    • Ultra Cyber Loroc
    • Widow
    • Widow Maiden
    • Blood Widow
    • Blood Widow Queen
    • Dual-Gunner
    • Dual-Gunner v2
    • Big Rig
    • Big Rig v2
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  • OKRedleg

    Data File & Links

    January 8, 2013 by OKRedleg

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  • OKRedleg

    JSON Parser

    December 9, 2012 by OKRedleg

    For the sake of establishing the health and functionality of this wiki, the tools used to maintain the site need to be available and survive the personnel working them. For that purpose, if the event that I find my way out of the game and this wiki, I'm posting my Ruby Script used to parse the JSON files to extract the data.

    In order to run this script, you will need to download 1.9.x.

    • Copy and paste either of the two versions of the code below into a text editor and save it with a .rb file extension.
    • place the 'bb_game_data.json' file in the same directory as the script
    • run the script from the command prompt using 'ruby .rb'
      • If you used the Windows Installer for Ruby, then you can double click on the script to run it.
    • ...
    • profit

    You should now h…

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  • OKRedleg


    November 13, 2012 by OKRedleg

    Below are all the skills I've discovered in the game. I'm missing the text of a few and hopefully will find them from other players.

    Name Description
    Deal heavy AGI-based damage to one enemy
    Restore a fixed amount of HP to adjacent squadmates
    Raise ATK of self and adjacent squadmates
    Deal damage to all enemies.
    Deal damate to three enemies in the rear line.
    Deal damage and bleed three enemies.
    Attack three enemies.
    Bleed one enemy.
    Focus attacks on the rear line
    Focus energy and attack one enemy on the next turn.
    Raise DEF of self and adjacent squadmates.
    Deal heavy damage to all enemies in the front line
    Throw coins and sometimes paralyze enemy.
    Deal heavy AGI-based damage to all enemies.
    Counterattack after receiving an attack
    Take damage in place of adj…

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  • OKRedleg

    Wiki Progress

    November 1, 2012 by OKRedleg

    To help track the progress of the wiki development, I'm displaying a table below of the Squadmates as identified in the Collections.

    No. Name Collection Profile Wiki

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  • OKRedleg

    Fatal Fusion Recruiting

    October 18, 2012 by OKRedleg

    What follows is the results of recruiting from the game "Fatal Fusion" for the Android. I'll attempt to document as much of the draws as possible.

    Recruiting Results
    Def Point Drone Mk. 1.5 V2 (U4000000) 1
    Alpha Rex (U3000000) 1
    Sergeanteer (C1000000) 1
    Pummler (C1000000) 1
    Micro Psycho (C1000000) 1
    Cultist (C1000000) 1
    Bubble Drone (C1000000) 1
    C.R.A.P. Sniper (C1000000) 1
    Infected Soldier (C1000000) 3
    C.R.A.P. Defender v2 (C1000000) 1
    C.R.A.P. Mercenary (U3000000) 1
    C.R.A.P. Dark Escort v2 (U4000000) 1
    Electric Rot v2 (C2000000) 2
    Winged Rot v2 (C2000000) 1
    C.R.A.P. Constructor Unit (C2000000) 1
    C.R.A.P. Escort (C1000000) 1
    Infected Brutog (C2000000) 1
    C.R.A.P. Defender v2 (C2000000) 1
    Phaser v2 (U2000000) 1
    Def Point Drone Mk II (C1000000) 2
    Def Poi…

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