Attack Squadmates typically rely on lower modifier abilities and their non-proc damage to be effective. Attack squads, therefore, are typically very hardy and consistent. The drawback to this consistency is the fact that there are fewer nukes and one hit knock out abilities found in this tree. That said, a well thought-out attack squad is hard to beat in almost any situation.

Because of the speculative nature of this page, you may agree or disagree with the placement of Mercs. Please post your thoughts in the discussion at the bottom of the page! A final note- while mercs are ranking within their group, this ranking is an estimation. Actual rank will be based on your team, situation, and the weather outside. The groups themselves are the main divisions that should be acknowledged.

Epic Attack Squadmates Tier list


  1. Frozen Golem
  2. Incinerate v2
  3. Mordeo Mutant
  4. Cannonback Battlemaster
  5. Corporate Bouncer
  6. Na'Lac Angered
  7. Restrained Titan v2


  1. Canis Bulwark v2
  2. Niobe, Warfare Technician v2
  3. A9t-At Prawn Drone
  4. Overgrown Colossus
  5. Giga-Primarch v2
  6. Diana, Battle Maiden v2
  7. Bionic Bladedancer v2
  8. Ironsight, Warlord v2
  9. Ultra Mutant v2
  10. Wasteland Rider v2
  11. Rail-Gun Rider v2


  1. Auto-Turret Engineer v2
  2. Duplex Omnimech v2
  3. Junker War Marshal v2
  4. Mammoth Mech Mk. IV
  5. Oathbreaker v2
  6. Techno-Valkyrie v4
  7. Psycho Tyypo
  8. Uber Astro v2
  9. Knuckledriver v2

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