Agility Squads have many advantages. First and foremost, because attack order is based off of the agility stat, most of these mercenaries will strike very early. In addition to this, agility mercenaries have the highest number of strong multi-hit attacks; many of them are even likely one hit knock outs. There are, however, drawbacks to agility based squads. When they don't proc, they typically lack a high enough strength stat to do serious damage.

Because of the speculative nature of this page, you may agree or disagree with the placement of Mercs. Please post your thoughts in the discussion at the bottom of the page! A final note- while mercs are ranking within their group, this ranking is an estimation. Actual rank will be based on your team, situation, and the weather outside. The groups themselves are the main divisions that should be acknowledged.

Epic Agility Mercenary Tier List


  1. F-9 Mark 4
  2. Archangel STK-4X
  3. Lilith, Serpentine Shapeshifter


  1. CXB-2000U
  2. Switchblade Vulture v2
  3. CXB-2000A
  4. Blood Widow Queen
  5. Lockdown
  6. Emperor Samurai
  7. XOR-44-4 Shield Spider


  1. Big Rig v2
  2. Red Phantom v2
  3. Gyro Destroyer
  4. Mecha Horde v2
  5. Devil Dog v2

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